About Furze Smith Consulting

Furze Smith Consulting helps schools to design and implement effective strategies. We bring school strategy from the boardroom to the classroom through clear processes that make sure every member of the school community understands and can execute the strategic intent. Furze Smith Consulting builds networks of the secondary, tertiary, industry, and not for profit sectors to improve the entire education system.

Our Services

Schools and education providers

From strategic planning to hybrid learning and one-to-one advice, we work with schools and education providers to bring education strategy from the boardroom to the classroom.

Tertiary, industry, and not for profits

The education system works better when we work together. We help connect tertiary, industry, and not for profits to schools and educators.

Edtech and digital technologies

We work with a select range of ethical and purpose-driven edtech and digital technologies companies to evaluate programs and build lasting relationships with education providers.

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