Strategic Planning

School strategy needs to be viewed through the lens of the education system. With over fifteen years experience in education and school leadership, we help schools to set robust strategic directions that can be implemented from the boardroom to the classroom.

Specialising in small and regional settings, we believe all schools should have access to high quality strategic planning. Whether your school has an existing strategy that needs updating and reviewing, or needs to chart a completely new direction, we can help with all areas of strategy.

Strategic planning

From clarifying mission, purpose, and values to setting strategic directions and identifying goals and actions, we help with all stages of your strategy

Review and update

We can review and update your existing strategy, identifying gaps and creating new opportunities. If your current strategy isn’t working we can help you to find out why


Strategy is useless if it stays packed away in a drawer. We help bring school strategy from the boardroom to the classroom

Change Management

Change management is made more complicated in schools by external and internal systemic pressures. We can support your team through a period of change management, whether implementing new processes or seeking new ideas. If you need support to bring your school up to date with best practices and contemporary pedagogy, we can help make the change process run more smoothly for all of your staff.

The rationale for change

We can help you to identify the rationale for change and articulate this to your school community – the first step in a successful change process.

Beginning the journey

We can support change management at all levels, making sure that your staff, parents, and students understand and support the change.

Sustaining momentum

Once a change is in process, we can help your school with identifying quick-wins, maintaining support, and keeping up the momentum that drives your change.

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